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Hi, I'm Foster!

You may know me as The Godfather of Wholesaling...

I've been in the wholesaling/investment market in Central Florida for many, many years, and am excited to continue growing my business all along the I-4 Corridor...from Tampa, through Central Florida, and over to the East Coast beach communities. With mixed emotions we have said goodbye to Georges, our Acquisitions & Sales agent. After six years with First Alliance Capital he has decided to move on. We wish him well in his new endeavors! PLEASE DIRECT YOUR QUESTIONS AND SALES CALLS TO FOSTER'S CELL PHONE 321-436-4911. 



You are also important to our business!

We understand you have buyers and the knowledge to help your buyers make an informed decision. We are a Realtor friendly investment company, and encourage our clients to seek the advice of a good Realtor.

Add your commission to our price when presenting to your buyers.